Miller, Iain wrote:
I'm posting this both lists, hopefully this should interest developers, and maybe
I can get an answer to this:

You should still not crosspost. Developers generally lurk on the user list. Also, your particular problem comes up every so often... ...
They both use the 'standard' contents pattern, ie with a block using
text-align="justify", and a leader to produce lines like:

It seems to me like there's something going on with page-number-citation and
justify. I know the whole PDF document is kept in memory until the forward
page references are resolved (always for the contents, and for the index when
I moved it to the front), so has this got something to do with it.

It has something to do with leader generation, in particular the leader is expanded while added to the line with minimal look-ahead. It should be expanded after the width of everything else in the line is known. BTW formally this is not a bug, FOP still conforms to the standard here. The problem is that the standard is not all that detailed in this area.


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