J.Pietschmann wrote:

Ok, for Oscar:
Set it to "no-force" to not forcing a blank page.

Thanks, this solved it.

By the way, obediant as i was to Oleg, i reported it yesterday as a bug in the Apache Bug Database as bug 15887.

As for "page 2 of 1", read the relevant part of the FOP FAQ
" There is no reliable way to get the real total page count with
FO mechanisms, you can only get page numbers."

For me, it is for reference only, i don't need a page-count. Still, a reference like 'page 2 of 1' is weird. Looks to me that the 0.20.5 renderer makes the use of fo:page-number-citation a problem. Anyhow, the issue has become irrelevant now (to me), by using "no-force".


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