I want to add image in the PDF file. I’m using below tag in my xsl-fo file


<fo:block text-align="center" start-indent = "10.0cm">




                 <xsl:attribute name="src">C:/JRun4/servers/default/LDNotes/doctor/<xsl:value-of select="Dictator_Signature"/></xsl:attribute>










and it works fine. But a I want to use this xsl-fo file in my JSP, I want to give a relative path for this image source. For example the JSP that has link to open this PDF file using xsl-fo has url="" and my all images to display are located in /LDNotes/doctor/ folder at default server directory of JRun.



Now, if I write the tag like below:



<xsl:attribute name="src">./../doctor/<xsl:value-of select="Dictator_Signature"/></xsl:attribute>




I’m getting below error and image is not displaying.




[ERROR] Error while creating area : Error with image URL: .\..\doctor\signature.gif (The system cannot find the path specified) and no base directory is specified.


Can somebody suggest me what path can I use here?


I also don’t know how to set the base directory. My server url can be http://localhost:8100/LDNotes/doctor while I will access the .xsl file from the servlet.







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