This indicates an arithmetic error like: 13 / 0 = illegal. You know that
from school.

Somewhere in FOP something wanted to divide some value by zero. The
question now is: where and why?

The first thing you can do is calling FOP from the command line and
using the "-d" parameter which enables more debug output. That way, we
will get a stacktrace which helps you/us find the location of the error.
If the information you will get then doesn't help you, send another
email and copy the whole output from FOP and attach the xhtml and your
xsl so we can reproduce the error.

What FOP version do you use?

On 13.01.2003 10:06:26 Laura Ameijide Garcia wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm beginner in this area. I'm trying to convert a simple html using a 
> xsl....  but the fop always says me:
> [ERROR]: / by zero.
> Somebody can help me? What's the meaning of this error?

Jeremias Maerki

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