This passage means that when you package your extension in a separate
JAR file you have to add a certain file to the JAR. It's name is and must contain the fully qualified
classname of your class that extends the ElementMapping interface. That
file must be in the directory META-INF/services.

So if you have generated your extension jar, it must have approximately
the following contents:

In (at the end) you will see code that inspects this special
file you have to add. It's to make sure that the extension is registered.

You can also skip this step with tat special file if you call
Driver.addElementMapping() either with the fully qualified classname or
an instance of the ElementMapping implementation.

This may also help on your way:

I hope this helps.

May I ask what extension you're planning? Just curious.

On 14.01.2003 16:40:53 Matthew L. Avizinis wrote:
> Sorry, forgot to include what I wanted commentary on... :-)
> Hello all,
>   Could someone elaborate a little on the following from the FOP extensions
> documentation please?  Mabye paste some example code as well?
> Create a jar file with your classes, it must also include the following file
> "/META-INF/services/". In this file you need
> to put the fully qualified classname of your element mappings class. This
> class must implement the "" interface.
> Thanks in advance for help,

Jeremias Maerki

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