You mean border-less?

FOP supports the background-image property in its latest version. But
from looking at the FO spec I'd say there's no direct way to have a
background-image on the whole page (without borders). It would work if
place on fo:region-body as in the example in the distribution.
You could try to create an fo:block-container position="absolute" and
adjust the values for top, left, height and width so it covers the whole
page (you can use negative values to accomplish that). I haven't tested
if the background-image attribute is implemented for block-container,
you'll have to try this out.

As for the file type: You can't use a PDF as background image (yet). You
will have to use an image.

If you want to use the PDF as background I recommend that you look at
iText or Etymon PJ. I have successfully placed a PDF in the background
of a FOP-generated PDF in the past.

On 14.01.2003 17:03:23 gianni wrote:
> I have to usea pdf (or an image) as full-page 
> background for my generated pdf.
> Is it possible with FOP?
> Have I to use background images on fo:simple-page-
> master?

Jeremias Maerki

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