On 20.01.2003 18:55:46 Peter Menzel wrote:
> So all works fine, but I thought about speed issues:
> in every doGet(..) call a new driver is created, and I think that is to slow
> for a large number of users accessing the servlet.
> But when i put the driver as a global variable in the servlet or maybe
> servlet-context, what happens when two or more users want to access the 
> driver?

The Driver class alone doesn't add a lot of overhead. It's after the
Driver starts to run that a lot of objects are created, but that's part
of the layout and you can't get around that. What you can do is make
sure that your stylesheet is cached. If you really want to reuse the
Driver class you'll have to pool a set of Driver instances. Also, make
sure that Options are only set up once to get optimal performance.

Jeremias Maerki

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