I have one note and one other question:

*> i tried to use footnotes in my double-sided layout. i also have on the
*> bottom of each page a page-number and/or text. i did exactly the same as
*> in the
*> columns.fo (examples/footnotes directory). in the example the footnotes
*> are above the page-number. in my file the footnotes are under my
*> page-number/text.
*> what am i doing wrong?
*You have probably the body region overlapping the footer region.
*Unfortunately, up to the 0.20.4 release the FOP examples are a bad
*in this respect. See also
*  http://xml.apache.org/fop/faq.html#faq-N10542

1. note: I used 0.20.5rc and it worked without doing anything.

*> i also wanted the footnote to be a external-link. this does not work
*> either?
*Probably the link area is misplaced, this often happened with
*FOP 0.20.4, There has been recent fixes, try 0.20.5rc.

2. question: Using 0.20.5 has made no progress in solving the problem. I
tried all varieties of using fo:block and so on, but using a link inside a
footnote surrounded by a list does not work for me.

does anybody has a hint for another solution??

bye for now


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