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Actually, I get errors when I use   in XSL-FO markup. I would have to set it up as an entity. However, when using the following line at the top of my XML document:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

...I can use &#160; as a space character (I believe it's non-breaking, too!), without problems. If you use an encoding attribute value other than "UTF-8" you might need to use something else.

Hope this helps!

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Miguel Angel Busto wrote:
You can use &nbsp; special char instead of space char

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try to use white-space-collapse="false" property inside <fo:block> joannes

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        Hi,       How can i add more than a space between two words in
        fop:block tag ?   Thanks,   Paulo Benfatti Accenture - São Paulo
        - Brazil

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