There are several ways:
- You can transform your TeX math expressions to MathML. Keiron Liddle
  wrote a sample FOP extension for the redesigned FOP that uses JEuclid
  to convert MathML to SVG and ultimately to PDF. This extension could
  probably be adapted to work in the maintenance branch (from where
  current releases come). I think there are converters from TeX to
  MathML (See link below).
- Maybe you'll find a direct way to convert TeX math to SVG.

Drop us another message if you need help with adapting the FOP extension. Good


On 29.01.2003 09:58:22 Karen Mergner wrote:
> my xml file consists of math. formulas in tex-syntax.
> Here is a short example:
>       <TEX-MATH>\frac{1}{x+y}</TEX-MATH>
> How can I handle this with FOP?

Jeremias Maerki

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