Thanks for the reply.
How do you take the column width in a stylesheet.
I don't want to take each column width data as a separate parameter because the no of columns vary from table to table.
My Logic is get a string with all the column width s of the table seperated by coma.
In xsl split it and use it for the defining the column width.
But I did not find any methods in xsl to split a string and put it in an array?
Can u please tell me, how can i do this?

Thanks and Regards,

Oleg Tkachenko wrote:

sujata wrote:

I have a problem in displaying the data in the pdf table.
Each column width in a table should be different from the other column depending on the data.
Since I am using the same fop stylesheet for different tables, I cannot hardcode the column width in the stylesheet.

Is there any option we can set so that the PDF table columns get adjusted with the data you pass (like HTML table)?

table-layout="auto" is not implemented yet unfortunately.

If not, how can I go head to solve this problem?

Move table-column width calculation logic to xslt stage.

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