Karen Mergner wrote:
I have to insert footnotes in my document. It works fine, if the
footnote is in a paragraph. But if the footnote is in a list, the
footnote has the same indent as the list body and it overwrites the last
text rows at the bottom of the page.

Oddly enough, the indentation may even be correct. Apparently the fo:block in the footnote body inherits the start-indent from the fo:list-item-body. Yes, start-indent *is* an inheritable property, I just looked it up (sect. 7.10.7). The descriptions for fo:footnote or fo:footnote-body don't contain anything interesting regarding indentation of the footnote body (sect. 6.10.3f).

Overwriting text rows is a bug, but probably not directly caused by
the footnote but rather by an incorrect calculation of available
space for list items or some subelement.

Is there a solution of this problem?
Use start-indent="0" (or whatever you like) on the fo:footnote-body
or the blocks therein. This will fix the indentation, I'm not sure
about the overlapping text.


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