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Ok, so... what is the point for using FOP then? You could just create a "formated" text file and then just simple put it in your website. Your stylesheet is not being generic, just simpler.
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Actually no
The stylesheet would be generic and just there for rendering all the pdf document.  Predefined columns and row couldn't work as the stylesheet just handles preformatted data.  All of the actual processing and formatting happens on a different server that is character based.  This is just a go around to get a web presentation look from the system. 
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>>An example below of what the pdf document renders as
>>Invoice....... Date...... Cust... Inv amount
>>02010001 01-01-2002 00008 282.10

:-P Would not be easier just to create a table with 4 columns 1 header and N-Rows?? Each cell can be assigned a particular format option: centered, aligned to left, right etc etc etc etc etc.

Come on....

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