Hello !

We also currently develop tools to generate invoices with FOP (on
For the moment, we generate pdf then print the file with acrobat reader
(linux or Windows)

why not print with pdf or PCL? 

the test which I had carried out with PS were not very conclusive!

We will have to print on dot-matrix printers? 

A few times ago, you had carried out tests on dot-matrix... 

did you progress?

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De : Mirko Sertic [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
Envoyé : mercredi 29 janvier 2003 15:26
Objet : AW: PS & PostScript


that sounds not so good.

Given the following requirements :

1. i need to produce an invoice or order using fop.
2. i need to specify the tray to which each page is printed out.
3. i want to support non ps-able printer.
4. i need a pdf file for our archive system.

How could this be done?

My first thought was to run a post-process after fop. It thould take
the pdf result, split it using a given definition using itext and
finally send it to a network printer hosted by our linux host.

But that sounds really strange and is far to complex, not to think about
its robustness. It also would result a really huge printcap file, due to
the different initial sequences for each pager tray on each printer.

Another idea is to extend the pdf renderer that it can produce
ps pass thru paper tray selection code. The definition what should
be printed where and how would be stored somewhere in my source data
and would be adressed using xpath and a page-sequence extension.

The final result should be converted to ps using pdf2ps and be send to a
printer using ghostscript ( some newsgroups entries says that tray
is supported in gs 6.x, but i really do not know ).

I really want to do it this way. We could define the tray configuration
our source data and we do not neet to run a ugly post process.

If i understand the source code right , the point i would need to hack
the renderPage
method. Everything else would be left fine as it is.

What do you think ??



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Von: Jeremias Maerki [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2003 14:13
Betreff: Re: PS & PostScript

On 29.01.2003 12:59:59 Mirko Sertic wrote:
> Is there any way to generate "PS pass thru" via pdfmark using the
> PDF-renderer?


> Can i do this using the PS renderer?

Also no.

> I need a way to specify the paper input
> and
> output tray for each rendered page. Has anybody done this before ?

Now, you're getting a yes. :-) I've done this. I've produced PDF
converted it to PostScript using Acrobat Reader 4.05 on Unix (Linux and
Solaris). The generated PostScript can be easily parsed because it
follows the DSC conventions (Document Structuring Conventions, Specs at
Adobe in the PostScript section). I've then patched the PostScript file
with the necessary instructions for the target printer.

There's one problem, though: There's currently no way to get information
through which page was rendered with which page-master to get the input
trays right. I ended up having XPath statements in the configuration of
that system I was working on that evaluated the input XML file and
generated information for the PostScript patcher to output the correct
instructions for each page. Quite some work. But it's doable.

The clean way, obviously, would be to extend the PostScript renderer to
support PPD files which contain the instructions for selecting paper
bins and the like. For that to work as expected we will need a FOP
extension on the simple-page-master where we can specify the paper bins
to be used because that lies outside of the XSL-FO standard.

A simpler solution is to add a callback to FOP that sends you
notifications of the page-master each page was layouted with. But that's
just to get information on which page is on which page-master. You'll
still have to do the PostScript patching.

All this is on the todo list, but nobody's had the time or the need and
it's probably better done in the redesign than in the maintenance

> And if it works,
> will ghostscript understand that correctly and work even with a non
> printer?

GhostScript, to my knowledge, doesn't interpret paper bin etc.

Another things that you can try is to create EPS files containing the
bin selection code. I doubt very much that this will work, though.

Good luck.

Jeremias Maerki

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