The Apache FOP team is excited to announce the release of Apache FOP
0.90 alpha 1, the first preview release after over three years of
redesign and after two and a half years without a new release.

Apache FOP is the Apache Software Foundation's XSL-FO implementation
written in Java with support for several output formats like PDF,
PostScript, Plain Text, RTF etc.

This new release brings you long-awaited features like keeps on all
implemented FO elements, support for reference-orientation, better
indent behaviour, various improvements on inline elements like
baseline-shift and improved leaders and image handling, improved border
painting etc. Please check out the compliance page to view the
differences between 0.20.5 and 0.90 alpha 1:


This release is the first after a big redesign effort on the whole FOP
codebase. This release is to be considered ALPHA quality and it is
intended as a preview release encouraging people to take a look at the
new version and to provide feedback to the developers. Please not only
report to us problems you might experience but also tell us if it works
for you. If you find out that this version works fine for you, you're
welcome to use it but please test it thoroughly as we don't consider
this release ready for every production environment. Please read the
following page for more detailed information:  


Source and binary distributions are available. Two binary distributions
exist, one for JDK 1.3.x and one for JDK 1.4 and later.

Release Notes:


Important information if you upgrade from version 0.20.5:

Compliance documentation which allows you to compare 0.20.5 and 0.90.x:

General Information about Apache FOP:

Jeremias Maerki
for the Apache FOP team

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