The snapshots are currently broken due to long path names. But that's
not the problem you're experiencing. The problem is that fox:outline [1]
is not implemented in FOP Trunk anymore. It has been superseded by the
new bookmark elements from XSL-FO 1.1 [2].

I wonder if we should add fox:outline again for backwards compatibility.

A little request: Please put a descriptive text in the subject line next
time. Thanks.


On 21.10.2005 16:43:37 a b wrote:
> Helo there,
> I´m using fop under a linux-debian box.
> I´ve been trying to get the "trunk" version of fop,
> from here:
> I´ve set up ant, and the last version of java sdk/jre.
> I´ve donwloaded the last two versions by now, which
> are:
> fop_20051021104642.tar.gz
> fop_20051021043611.tar.gz
> But when I build them up and try to use them, I get an
> error like this, more or less:
> No element mapping definition found for <fox:outline
> I think (in my ignorance), this could be either
> because automatic-snapshots are not always
> "working-products", or because I´m doing something
> wrong, although build-process seems to finish ok.
> Why I´m looking for a newer version than 0.20.5 is
> because I can use background-image, and some other
> properties seem to be already implemented, as seen
> here:
> Any comments are welcome.
> Kind Regards,

Jeremias Maerki

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