Jeremias Maerki wrote:

I wonder if we should add fox:outline again for backwards compatibility.

FOP 1.0 is a different application from 0.20.5. They are not backwards-compatible, just like Struts 1.0.2 and 1.27 aren't. Users who prefer the API of 0.20.5 can continue on with that version. But FOP 1.0 really needs to move past the architectural baggage of 0.20.5, lest we return to what Joerg had called the Great FOP Depression again of few people understanding the code or being able to fix it/improve it.

Ordinarily here, I would still say "yes" though to adding fox:outline to 1.0, so the stylesheet continues to work, providing we have solid deprecation warnings for users to switch to the new FO's. But I'm reluctant to do so for this reason: IIRC fox:outline has a very nasty content model in 0.20.5, basically you can place it anywhere--and you'd have to ease up so much on the internal validation to support that that everyone else would be hurt with (1) NPE's due to a watered-down validation, plus (2) the already-complex downstream layout logic being clogged with validation logic again in order to patch all the NPE's caused by not doing validation. So I'm -0.8 on returning this functionality--bookmarks were implemented really sloppily in 0.20.5, and I don't think we want to hurt 1.0's architecture by putting that monster back in.

Still, I think that FOP 1.0 should at least *ignore* every fox:outline element, i.e., not raise an error and halt. Users can test trunk with their stylesheets and then add the XSL WD1.1 bookmarks in later.


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