Hi, thanks,
No sorry, I meant profiling. What I´m actually doing is placing one or more:
<para condition="pdf"/>
Inside the paragrah bellow mentioned till I force the page´s break, and is then when I loose last´s line justify. Sorry about that.
Kind Regards,

Andreas L Delmelle <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Nov 10, 2005, at 21:11, chinlu chinawa wrote:


> I´m using FOP to render XML through DockBook XSL, and I´m having
> the problem that even when I´ve set up all the margins, and extent
> regions, FOP doesn´t look to be respecting them.
> When I have a parapraph which would finished on top of the footers,
> I can see how the fist line ox text starts before of what I´ve
> specified, being really close to the header.

Can you post an example FO file demonstrating the problem? I think I
understand, but finding the cause based on your description would
involve a lot of guessing which I don't really feel like ATM :-)

> I´ve been trying to use proccessing instructions, but then, I loose
> justify on the last paragraph line´s.

Processing instructions? Are you sure you're using the right set of
DocBook stylesheets? FOP doesn't use processing instructions, but I
know RenderX does. Maybe you're using stylesheets that are meant to
be used with XEP?



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