I am trying to use FOP to print certain documents (in FO) written in some International Languages (Japaneese, Korean, Chinese etc). For some reason the characters are printed at an angle, it looks like everything is in italic. Even the english characters in the document behave in the same way. If I try to create the PDF from the same FO, it works fine and looks great. I have tried using different fonts (Arial Unicode, MS Mincho, Batang) and this happens with everything.
This is how I registered my Fonts with FOP
<font metrics-file="C:\javalib\fop-0.20.5\fonts\msmincho.xml"
    embed-file="C:\WINNT\Fonts\msmincho.ttf" kerning="yes">
      <font-triplet name="Mincho" style="normal" weight="normal"/>
      <font-triplet name="Mincho" style="normal" weight="bold"/>
      <font-triplet name="Mincho" style="italic" weight="normal"/>
      <font-triplet name="Mincho" style="italic" weight="bold"/>
  <font metrics-file="C:\javalib\fop-0.20.5\fonts\batang.xml" kerning="yes"
         <font-triplet name="batang" style="normal" weight="normal"/>
         <font-triplet name="batang" style="normal" weight="bold"/>
         <font-triplet name="batang" style="normal" weight="bolder"/>
         <font-triplet name="batang" style="italic" weight="normal"/>
         <font-triplet name="batang" style="italic" weight="bold"/>
         <font-triplet name="batang" style="italic" weight="bolder"/>
   <font metrics-file="C:\javalib\fop-0.20.5\fonts\arialuni.xml" kerning="yes"
      <font-triplet name="arialuni" style="normal" weight="normal"/>
      <font-triplet name="arialuni" style="normal" weight="bold"/>
      <font-triplet name="arialuni" style="normal" weight="bolder"/>
      <font-triplet name="arialuni" style="italic" weight="normal"/>
      <font-triplet name="arialuni" style="italic" weight="bold"/>
      <font-triplet name="arialuni" style="italic" weight="bolder"/>
Has any one experienced this, any solution ???

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