You don't say what JDK you're using. Maybe changing that will help. Or
changing the webcontainer. As you figured out yourself, this could be a
platform problem. To rule out that it's a FOP problem you could try to
deploy the FOP sample servlet (in the examples/servlet directory in the
0.20.5 distribution).

You could also try to download a PDF to the file system using "wget" and
then compare the file that is returned by the Suse system with the one
from the RedHat system. This can be used to rule out problems on the
client side.

You can of course configure additional log output. Please refer to the
Cocoon documentation for that.

Good luck!

On 22.11.2005 17:48:40 Simon Burton wrote:
> We are using the latest fop version (0.20.5) and have a working solution 
> (apache/cocoon/fop using xsl stylesheet and xml to create a PDF served up 
> directly in the browser) on 3 of our servers but when running against the 4th 
> server the PDF is always blank.
> A PDF is served in the browser via acrobat and it has the expected number of 
> pages but all the pages are completely blank.
> Server: Working ones: Suse 9 / Problem one: RedHat 9 (Server Kernels all 
> 2.4.26)
> FOP: 0.20.5 + Cocoon
> Client: IE 6.0.2900 on Windows XP Pro SP2 AND Firefox 1.5 on Suse Linux 9.3
> Adobe Acrobat: 7.0.2 (Windows) / 7.0.1 (Linux)
> Obviously the main difference is that the problem server is using RedHat, but 
> so far we have been unable to figure out why this is happening.
> We have tried the following:
> - Copying all our jars from working server to problem server (just in case 
> there were differences)
> - Manually running fop on the command line using the same xsl stylesheet and 
> xml output as server - this generates the PDF correctly.
> - Turning on fop debug - no revealing info
> - Tried googling, searching the mail archives and bugzilla - no luck yet
> Is there anything we can do to trace the cause of this problem - addtional 
> debug on fop/cocoon or whatever?
> Thanks.

Jeremias Maerki

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