Hi guys,

I've been around the installation of trunk's version of FOP, which I've ended up by not being able to use beacuse of my system is too old (libc-2.2, gcc 2.95.3), and the java version you've lately updated to, doesn't run here.

Actually, the only version I'd able to use, would be 0.20.5. The thing is this version doesn't respect my custom footers (the body overrides it), body text doesn't start neither at the same possition when using this footers, etc.

So I'm just wondering whether could anyone please tell about other resources?

I'd like to be able to generate nice-looking documents, I mean with svg or anyother scalable imaging format, etc. For this time, I'll be publishing in C5 (paper size), don't know whether this would a problem or not.

I understand dockbook/XML-XSLT/SGML-DSSSL and it's customization layers as a good way of working, although I'd like an expert to advise me.

I'd be working on a pdf output basis or any other format that would be better for a press to work with. I'm within a linux system, and have no troubles at all when starting to learn all over again, tex or any other format any one could advise me as "the most proffesional one" when dealing with presses (is that how you call those places that actually print out your book, isn't it?), sorry my english anyway.

I've been for a while away from any of this, but I do remember there are formats such as dvi, postscript, I know one can have pdf from sgml + jadetex, that one can use it even with dsssl or xslt style-sheets (IIRC).

I'd really appreciate, though, if someone could advise when getting into something that's gonna be stable, robust, and is not gonna break any of my work beacuse of thirdy-party dependencies, whilst being able to generate good-looking documents as well as dealing with presses, or printing-presses at highest level.

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