kkapelon freemail gr wrote:
> Hello 
> I am using FOP 0.95 (latest stable at the time of writing) and trying the 
> following FO file.
> I then convert it to PDF with
> fop -fo minimal.xml minimal.PDF
> Expected output
> Either (option 1):
> A PDF file with two pages with "Text on the first .." shown in the first page 
> and "Text on the next..." shown in the second (this means that break-after 
> prevails)

This is the expected output. Breaks must always be honoured, even if
there are surrounding keeps.

> Or (option 2):
> A PDF file with only one page that contains both of the above sentences (the 
> keep-together prevails)
> Actual Output
> A PDF file with two pages. Only the "Text on the first.." appears on the 
> document. The rest of "Text on the next..." is completely missing (not shown 
> at all).
> What am I missing?
> Is this an issue or my mistake?

This is a bug. Can you please file a bug report on Bugzilla, attaching
your simple example?


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