Hi Nancy,

nancy_b wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
> It seems that getting FOP from the trunk is too complicated for me. When is
> the next binary FOP version due to?
> Regarding what you said about <fo:block linefeed-treatment="preserve"> - I
> have no idea how to translate this into XSL/XML.
> Meantime, I did some other tests. Bob Stayton suggested the following
> workaround for producing special characters:
> <xsl:template match="symb...@role = 'symbolfont']">
>   <fo:inline font-family="Symbol">
>     <xsl:call-template name="inline.charseq"/>
>   </fo:inline>
> </xsl:template>
> So I modified it by adding Zapfdingbats before Symbol, and used <symbol role
> = 'symbolfont'>&#x260E</symbol> in my XML. Guess what, it did show the phone
> symbol, but also converted my math symbol into scissors (rrrrrrr). So, I am
> sick and tired of this -- the only way out is to wait for bugfix in FOP, am
> I right?

Well I think you’re almost done actually, Bob’s suggestion was the kind
of workaround you were needing. What you probably need is to define two
templates, one for ZapfDingbats and one for Symbol. For your telephone
you would use <symbol role="dingbatfont">&#x260E;</symbol>, for your
math character you would use e.g. <symbol

I’ve tried to render a simple DocBook document with FOP 0.95 and to
avoid the warnings about missing bold versions of Symbol and
ZapfDingbats, you must redefine the body.fontset and title.fontset
variables in your customization layer:
  <xsl:variable name="body.fontset" select="'serif'"/>
  <xsl:variable name="title.fontset" select="'serif'"/>
I don’t know in which version of the DocBook XSLT stylesheets those
variables were introduced though, I’ve got version 1.73.2 installed on
my hard drive. If you’re working with an older version the solution may
be different.

Together with the workarounds above, you should finally be able to get
the output you want with FOP 0.95, without annoying warnings. Unless of
course you’re putting your telephone and math characters inside an
element that must be rendered in bold.

> Thanks for all your help!!!!
> Nancy
> Regards,
> nancy


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