Hello All,

I have two separate plugins where i have created two separate menu items .

Now i want to combined both menus under common menu item:

I have created main menu into the first plugin:

 sub_menu :top_menu, :ConfigMonitor, :caption=> N_('Config-Monitor'), 
:after=> :infrastructure_menu do
          menu :top_menu, :level1, :caption=>N_('Versions'), :url_hash => 
{:controller=> :'foreman_config_monitor/versions', :action=>:version}

And create second menu under second plugin:

menu :top_menu, :patchmanagement, url_hash => {:controller=> 
:'foreman_patch_management/patchmanagements', :action=>:patchstatus},
      :caption=> N_(''Patch-Management'),
      :parent => :ConfigMonitor,
      :first => true

but i am unable to create submenu under custom menu item.that is not 

But if i changed parent to existing menu item like "host_menu" then it is 
working fine.

Could you please help.


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