On 03/09/16 14:02, Dominic Cleal wrote:
> I've changed the PR test jobs in Jenkins for the main Foreman repo
> (theforeman/foreman) to try and improve performance. You'll see that PRs
> now receive "foreman", "upgrade" and "katello" test statuses, replacing
> "default".
> The old [test] phrase changes to the following commands:
> 1. "[test foreman]" or "[test upgrade]" to re-test a PR that has failed
> tests (as always, use this sparingly please)
> 2. "ok to test" to run tests for an unknown user, if the patch is not
> malicious (the plugin will unfortunately add three comments to ask, one
> per test)
> 3. "add to PR whitelist" to always run tests from a trusted user
> If you forget, they're on the wiki at
> http://projects.theforeman.org/projects/foreman/wiki/Jenkins#Quick-reference-for-maintainers.
> Aside from these cosmetic changes, the tests should work identically to
> before.

There have been some test failures occurring when the base branch
(develop) has been updated while the tests are queued in Jenkins, you'll
see these as git checkout failures. This happens because the PR merge
commit changes and original SHA is no longer available from GitHub.

I've changed the job configurations now to test the PR commit _only_ and
not the merge commit, which should ensure they always work.

If there are changes in develop that you want to test a PR with, please
ask the author to rebase it. Note that this also matches how other PR
tests (such as Travis CI, Hound) already work.

I will probably try and restore the original merge behaviour in future.

Dominic Cleal

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