On 02/08, Roxanne Hoover wrote:
> All -
> It was identified amongst users that the Host Creation process could use
> some improvement.
> I've come up with a design to help reduce confusion, create a
> clearer/unobstructed path to completion and that also integrates some
> features asked for by users.
> I feel the design is complete in terms of the knowledge I posses, and am
> now looking for feedback from the community who I'm sure will have thoughts
> - technical or otherwise -  I hadn't yet considered.
> Looking forward to any feedback.

1. What you call template in the design is what Foreman users calls 'Host 
   Host groups define a blueprint of how the host should look like, and
   Foreman groups hosts using them.

2. Once you choose a template (or rather hostgroup), it should jump to
   the Review step¸ is that correct?

3. It would be awesome if we offered the option to create multiple hosts
   with the same form, ala digitalocean (http://imgur.com/Liw0lo5)

I think the biggest hurdle is that we will have to rewrite our host form
to be a wizard in order to accomplish this. On the other hand, Katello
and other plugins could easily mount components or modify the state of
the current ones very easily instead of what they do with deface now


Daniel Lobato Garcia


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