while it would made the packaging easier I don't think it's a very good 
approach. If there's some security issue found in one of deps, we'd need to 
build new version of the whole stack because of that. Btw on rpm based systems 
we use isolated ruby through software collection so it should not interfere 
with your system ruby. I wonder how you install newer system ruby on your 
system, if you use tools like rvm/rbenv it's usually explicitly activated only 
in user shell.


On čtvrtek 20. dubna 2017 0:22:24 CEST jake.plimack via foreman-dev wrote:
> would it be possible to move towards using omnibus packing for theforeman?
> i would love it if TF was self-contained with its own ruby and gems in
> /opt/foreman much like chef/sensu/etc do.
> i have newer system-ruby on my machines than theforeman requires, so
> self-containing all the deps seems like a win-win-win-win as it'll make the
> installer platform agnostic and decouple the dependencies from everything
> else on the system.
> https://github.com/chef/omnibus

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