Le jeudi 3 août 2017 13:03:22 UTC+2, Greg Sutcliffe a écrit :
> On Wed, 2017-08-02 at 05:15 -0700, Fairouz el ouazi wrote: 
> > Hi Greg , 
> >    I did sent you a message i don't know if you get it ? 
> You sent it to me personally instead of to the mailing list, and it got 
> filtered to a folder I don't often look at. Make sure you're replying 
> to the list rather than privately :) 
> You say you've not published the code - that makes it very difficult to 
> help you. It's almost impossible to say what the issue might be without 
> it - there are just too many unknowns. 
>      I m really a beginner in ruby and i know it's embarrassing to publish 
> a code 

with many faults .  
        My problem is that i don't know how create a host with many global 
I can do it with one paramater . 
       Host.create :name=> test , :manage=> false , :build=> false  , 
:host_parameters_attributes => [:name => 'dfdfd' , :value => 'hj'h' ]
Now if i want to make more host_parameters_attributes  i don't know the 
syntax ?

Thanks again , 

> Unless you have specific business reasons not to publish it, then I 
> would suggest grabbing a Git repo on GitHub or Gitlab, storing the code 
> then, and then replying with a link to where you're seeing issues in 
> your code. You've really nothing to lose, and everything to gain. 
> Cheers 
> Greg 

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