On Tue, Aug 01, 2017 at 01:08:14PM +0200, Lukas Zapletal wrote:
I wrote a short blogpost about how to add new DHCP subnet to Foreman:


At the end of the post, I am giving an advice to turn off DHCP puppet
management so new declarations won't get overwritten as our puppet
modules (or installer not sure) do not support multiple declarations.

But when I edit foreman-installer answer files, it does not work
actually. I tried to do this via foreman-installer switches (changed
the blog post) to:

# foreman-installer -v -n --scenario katello \
--foreman-proxy-dns=true --foreman-proxy-dns-managed=false \
--foreman-proxy-dhcp=true --foreman-proxy-dhcp-managed=false

This seemed to work but I was fooled, I was running with dry run and
we have a bug that the installer actually commits some changes (!!!)
so it is actually not working at all and I had to fix my instance
after this screwup.

Now the question is - how the heck do I stop puppet or our installer
from modifying dhcpd.conf? Can someone tell me please so I can change
the post once again? I spent an hour trying to figure out.

I think this is the wrong approach and it's better to make the installer set up the zones for you. While sadly we don't expose this option in the installer, we can use hiera by placing the following content in


Now if you re-run the installer you should get an additional subnet.

Sadly this is not possible for DNS but we could add that support.

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