> And now I'm just stuck in a loop if I enter kickstart_cmdline again. It
> just reinstalls everything and reboots, landing me back at the boot: prompt.
> I'm sure this is user error but I'm not sure where or what to look for.

It is, but its not your fault :-)

You happened to clone/update git in a short few days window when there
was a typo, DEFAULT linux is incorrect, it should read something else
(the first LABEL entry).

Synchronization of Foreman templates from community-templates in
713be41b fixes it, but git merge won't help you - you need to delete the
Kickstart PXELinux template and re-seed your database in order to have
it recreated.

As an alternative, you can use foreman templates plugin to reseed your


Make sure you give it an empty prefix, otherwise you will end up with
zillions of copies prefixed with "Community" and your old one will be

Beware, this will overwrite all your templates to match our upstream!
Seeding is perhaps safer for you, but this is a good exercise, because
people tend to upgrade Foreman from git or RPM but templates are usually
unchanged for years and then we have reports that something does not
work (because of very outdated template).

 Lukas #lzap Zapletal

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