On 14/09/16 18:23, Marcio Costa wrote:
> Hello. Im using Centos 7.2 and after an update, the puppet servers stop
> loading.  I have this error:

It's likely that you updated to Puppet Server 2.6.0.

> Sep 14 14:13:15 java: Exception in thread "main"
> *java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: service
> :puppetlabs.trapperkeeper.services.status.status-service/status-service
> does not appear in configuration*

Add to /etc/puppetlabs/puppetserver/conf.d/web-routes.conf:


> I have modified the file *web-routes.conf.erb* and added the text:
> (https://github.com/theforeman/puppet-puppet/blob/master/templates/server/puppetserver/conf.d/web-routes.conf.erb#L17-L21)
> Still not working.   I appreciate any help.
> Thank you.

The file I'm guessing you might have edited (hard to say without knowing
the full path) is part of the Foreman installer. Did you _run_ the
Foreman installer after editing it?

You would need to run it with --puppet-server-puppetserver-version=2.6.0
to apply this 2.6-style configuration.

Dominic Cleal

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