I have a UCS instance with a nic trunked to a pair of vlans, one for 
provisioning  (vlan1) and one for primary service (vlan 101)

My expectation:
- all pxe/provision activity happens over nic1/vlan1, while a nic1.101 
sysconfig file is created to define the primary interface.

My result:
- no matter how I configure this, I end up with a system trying to use 
nic1.101 dns servers during provisioning, and fails. Further inspection 
shows "only one interface found" during boot - it's like the virtual nic 
isn't being recognized, even though I've configured it with the appropriate 
vlan tag and listed the parent eth0. 

I understand that nic1.101 has to be flagged as "managed" in order for 
foreman to configure it - but that seems to lead to all sorts of other 
issues, including registration of DNS (which I don't want) being attempted 
and failing. 

How do I achieve the result I'm looking for? 

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