I am using Katello 3.1 on a RHEL 7 system to manage RHEL 7 clients. I
disabled a RH repository from the main RH subscriptions. However, the
client still thinks that it is subscribed to that repo, and it eventually
gives a 404 not found error on yum commands. Calling subscription-manger
refresh or un-regestering and re-registering the client didn't help. This
happened once earlier too for a different repo, but enabling and disabling
the repo again in Katello brought the client in sync. For this particular
repo though, it doesn't help. I saw the following error message in server's

``` Sep 19 12:50:39 example pulp: pulp.server.event.http:INFO:
(32572-85248) {"call_report": {"exception": null, "task_type":
"pulp.server.managers.repo.sync.sync", "_href":
"/pulp/api/v2/tasks/198fc8b0-fc25-41ad-841c-d65b97241385/", "task_id":
"198fc8b0-fc25-41ad-841c-d65b97241385", "tags":
"pulp:action:sync"], "finish_time": null, "_ns": "task_status",
"start_time": "2016-09-19T16:50:23Z", "traceback": null, "spawned_tasks":
[], "progress_report": {"yum_importer": {"content": {"items_total": 56,
"state": "FINISHED", "error_details": [], "details": {"rpm_total": 56,
"rpm_done": 56, "drpm_total": 0, "drpm_done": 0}, "size_total": 7035408,
"size_left": 0, "items_left": 0}, "comps": {"state": "FINISHED"},
"purge_duplicates": {"state": "FINISHED"}, "distribution": {"items_total":
0, "state": "FINISHED", "error_details": [], "items_left": 0}, "errata":
{"state": "FINISHED"}, "metadata": {"state": "FINISHED"}}}, "state":
"running", "worker_name": "reserved_resource_worke...@example.com",
"result": null, "error": null, "_id": {"$oid": "57e015984d0e0969d1034ff6"},
"id": "57e015984d0e0969d1034ff6"}, "event_type": "repo.sync.finish",
"payload": {"importer_id": "yum_importer", "exception": null, "repo_id":
"traceback": null, "started": "2016-09-19T16:50:23Z", "_ns":
"repo_sync_results", "completed": "2016-09-19T16:50:39Z",
"importer_type_id": "yum_importer", "error_message": null, "summary":
{"content": {"state": "FINISHED"}, "comps": {"state": "FINISHED"},
"purge_duplicates": {"state": "FINISHED"}, "distribution": {"state":
"FINISHED"}, "errata": {"state": "FINISHED"}, "metadata": {"state":
"FINISHED"}}, "added_count": 63, "result": "success", "updated_count": 0,
"details": {"content": {"size_total": 7035408, "items_left": 0,
"items_total": 56, "state": "FINISHED", "size_left": 0, "details":
{"rpm_total": 56, "rpm_ Sep 19 12:50:39 example pulp:
pulp.server.event.http:INFO: (32572-85248) done": 56, "drpm_total": 0,
"drpm_done": 0}, "error_details": []}, "comps": {"state": "FINISHED"},
"purge_duplicates": {"state": "FINISHED"}, "distribution": {"items_total":
0, "state": "FINISHED", "error_details": [], "items_left": 0}, "errata":
{"state": "FINISHED"}, "metadata": {"state": "FINISHED"}}, "id":
"57e0175f589b907f3cf535ee", "removed_count": 0}} ```

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