> Hey,

> 1. "managed" send dhcp request, receive ip and boot discovery image
> 2. host will reigstred in foreman

THats ok, we call "manage" interface "Provisioning interfaces".

> 3. after registration will triggered hook and assign to second-"work" 
> interface free ip address. ipam will register it as busy and avoid
> collisions

What kind of hook you think about? Foreman hook? That should work yeah.

> 4. reboot system for install by kickstartfile with tample and "work
> interface " will statically configured 

That should work yes.

We would like to add "scripting" capability into autoprovisioning so
you can do your own network configuration logic as a "ruby script" (ERB
actually). We are not there yet.

 Lukas "lzap" Zapletal

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