On 10/10/16 21:36, 'Konstantin Orekhov' via Foreman users wrote:
> Hello all!
> I have a "common" environment with some non-app-related modules (OS
> repos, DNS, NTP, things of that nature), and several other environments,
> which are application-specific - for example, "production".
> Most of the common modules need to applied to all systems in
> "production" environment as well, However, after importing the puppet
> classes into Foreman from "common" environment, they get mapped to that
> environment and I don't see a way to add any of them to any of the
> hostgroups from "production" environment.

If they are imported into a separate environment then they are in the
wrong location. Even if they are in a "common" (basemodulepath) area
then they should appear within every other environment, not a new

> So, how do I share the modules/puppet classes between multiple
> environments in Foreman?
> On puppet level this should be just fine as Foreman installer puts a
> proper base path for me:
> # grep base /etc/puppet/puppet.conf
>       basemodulepath   =
> /etc/puppet/environments/common:/etc/puppet/modules:/usr/share/puppet/modules

The module should be at /etc/puppet/environments/common/ntp/ or
/etc/puppet/modules/ntp/. What are the paths of the modules you've added?

Dominic Cleal

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