Justin Garrison píše v Pá 07. 10. 2016 v 07:14 -0700:
> Is anyone running Foreman in production in a container? I'm working
> on a new installation and I'd much rather get it running in a
> container than on a VM.
> I see some containers on Docker hub (there's a foreman nightly build 
> https://hub.docker.com/r/foreman/foreman/ ) but it looks mostly
> abandoned because last push was a year ago.

I tried one few years ago (https://github.com/lzap/foreman-docker) just
to get familiar with Docker. When I found how it works (and its
weaknesses), I abandoned my effort. I personally don't like their idea
and the tool itself, a container should have been just a compressed
image (squashfs or tarball) from the day one. The git-like history is
absurd idea. Sorry for the out-of-topic :-)

I know someone else from the team tried some time ago as well. That
effort went little further, I assume.

 Lukas "lzap" Zapletal

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