Hi folks,

I'm running Katello 3.1 in an air-gapped environment.  I have a Katello 2.4 
server connected to the internet which collects the repos needed by the 3.1 
server.  I 'export' the content from the 2.4 server manually, then present 
it to the 3.1 server via http.  This is fine for the yum repos, but now I 
want to sync the puppet modules from the forge also.

I've siphoned off the /var/lib/pulp/content/puppet_modules tar.gz files and 
collected https://forge.puppet.com/modules.json.  All of which are 
presented to the 3.1 server via http.  However, looking at the 3.1 
webserver logs, Katello can't find the tar.gz files when I start a sync -- 
it appears to be looking, for example, for 
letter of package}/{package owner}/{package}.tar.gz .  It does know which 
files it wants and how many though.

*puppet_module is where the modules.json file and the tar.gz files are 

Any suggestions?  I've seen some other methods for getting and presenting 
the content from forge, but I'd really like Katello to own them internally. 

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