Hi All, 

I want an API query which returns hosts with 

I am aware of the these APIs but not sure how can I add that query. 

Can someone please help me here?

APIs I know of

"hosts": {
      "List all hosts": "/api/hosts",
      "Show a host": "/api/hosts/:id",
      "Create a host": "/api/hosts",
      "Update a host": "/api/hosts/:id",
      "Delete a host": "/api/hosts/:id",
      "Get configuration status of host": "/api/hosts/:id/status",
      "Get status of host": "/api/hosts/:id/status/:type",
      "Get vm attributes of host": "/api/hosts/:id/vm_compute_attributes",
      "Force a Puppet agent run on the host": "/api/hosts/:id/puppetrun",
      "Disassociate the host from a VM": "/api/hosts/:id/disassociate",
      "Run a power operation on host": "/api/hosts/:id/power",
      "Boot host from specified device": "/api/hosts/:id/boot",
      "Upload facts for a host, creating the host if required": 
      "Rebuild orchestration config": "/api/hosts/:id/rebuild_config",
      "Preview rendered provisioning template content": 


-Vishal Sarin

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