Okay, thanks for that information.

Also, it looks like I can print out my current templates with the Hammer 
CLI, like this:


hammer template dump --name "Kickstart default PXELinux" |less


kind: PXELinux

name: Kickstart default PXELinux (Locally Customized)


- CentOS 4

- CentOS 5



-= Stefan

-= Stefan

On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 1:48:43 AM UTC-7, Greg Sutcliffe wrote:
> I was about to suggest foreman-templates, but it seems you've already got 
> it set up :)
> I think you're on the right path - a local git repo, which can be diff'd 
> and/or rebased against the upstream community-templates repo when you need 
> to, is a useful resource, and then regular syncing into Foreman via the 
> foreman-templates plugin. Be aware that foreman-templates is one-way only - 
> changes in the UI will be overwritten (although you can get a diff with 
> verbose=true, it only happens *after* the overwrite)
> Cheers
> Greg

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