This was recorded today, thanks to all the presenters who took part! As
ever, here
are the show notes - this time around we talked upcoming events, 1.13.0 and
3.2 RC2, Content Views, Package Applicability, OpenSCAP, and Javascript
chart updates.

Sections in today's demo:
* Intro (gwmngilfen) -
* Upcoming events (gwmngilfen) -
* Community metrics (gwmngilfen) -
* CVs and Package Applicability (daviddavis) -
* Package and force-publish CVs (jsherrill) -
* RFCS: Katello changes (jsherrill) -
* Content View Filters - Arch (akofink) -
* CCVs with shared repos (bbuckingham) -
* Hammer CLI for OpenSCAP (oprazak) -
* New Javascript charting (gsteiger) -

Event URLs:
* Foreman @ Puppetconf -
* CfgMgmtCamp Berlin -
* -

URLs mentioned:
Katello RFCs -

You can find the presenter IRC nicknames in the links above. You are
welcome to ask
questions here or on IRC.


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