I try to provision a vm machine with an alias/virtual Interface like eth0:1.
So far so good. After the first build and the final Callback to Foreman I 
get an Exception in the foreman log so that the "wget" command to finish 
build cancels.

 | ActionView::Template::Error: The snippet 'preseed_networking_setup' 
threw an error: undefined method 'physical_device' for Nic::Base::Jail 

 | /usr/share/foreman/lib/foreman/renderer.rb:87:in `rescue in snippet'

 | /usr/share/foreman/lib/foreman/renderer.rb:84:in `snippet'


I stop build mode manuall directly in foreman. When I try to restart the 
build I got that Message from foreman in the webgui as popup before I can 
force the build.

Failure parsing Preseed default finish DemoVM : The snippet 
'preseed_networking_setup' threw an error: undefined method 
'physical_device' for Nic::Base::Jail (Nic::Managed).

In the Snippet "preseed_networking_setup" I found this

<% @host.managed_interfaces.each do |interface| %>
<% next if !interface.managed? || interface.subnet.nil? || 
interface.primary -%>
<% subnet = interface.subnet -%>
<% virtual = interface.virtual? -%>
<% dhcp = subnet.nil? ? false : subnet.dhcp_boot_mode? -%>
real=`ip -o link | grep <%= interface.mac -%> | awk '{print $2;}' | sed 
<% if virtual -%>
real=`echo <%= interface.identifier -%> | sed s/<%=* 
interface.physical_device* -%>/$real/`
<% end -%>

But what's the correct Method for interface.physical_device?

Thanks for help,


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