> It looks like many of many customizations can be folded into one of these 
> arrays, which would simplify our own templates and make it easier to keep 
> them in sync with the upstream versions.
> How could I make use of the <%= options %> or <%= pxe_kernel_options %> 
> arrays? I can't find any documentation about them. Would I want to set 
> parameters on a Host Group basis?

Options array is defined in the template itself, just scroll up a page.
It was just a refactoring to make the template little bit more readable.

For the pxe_kernel_options, you identified it right, it's an attempt to
move some customization from templates into host parameters. Currently
it only accepts blacklist options for Redhat systems. The method is
defined in Operatingsystem model. For all other systems it returns just
an empty array.

If you can help us defining which options to include, that would be
great. I only use Redhat systems and blacklist is the only parameter I
make use of, so can't think of others.

Maybe we could make a generic param kernel_cmdline that would work with
any OS. If you like the idea, file a feature ticket for me, easy change.

 Lukas #lzap Zapletal

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