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Op dinsdag 18 oktober 2016 00:10:28 UTC+2 schreef Eric Helms:
> All,
> Given that Foreman has officially dropped EL6 support for 1.13, we are 
> providing a set of EL6 builds for existing Foreman users as well as Katello 
> users who may not have been aware of the impending support drop. The builds 
> are being hosted with Katello's repositories and are signed by the Katello 
> GPG key. This includes an EL6 plugins repository as well (although, like 
> usual, they are not signed).
> We will be working to ensure that for each Foreman z-stream release, we 
> will rebuild the EL6 repositories with the updates and provide them within 
> a few days of the official Foreman release.
> Known Issues:
> Base Foreman installation will fail with a TFTP error that will ideally be 
> fixed by having [1] included in Foreman 1.13.1.
> We do not plan to build and support Foreman 1.14 and beyond on EL6 which 
> also means Katello will be moving off EL6 then as well. So please consider 
> planning a migration strategy to continue getting updates if you are on 
> EL6. The Katello team will be working to build out a migration path and 
> strategy to ensure there is a supported path to go from EL6 to El7. If you 
> have questions or concerns please reach out to us so we can help with this 
> effort.
> For Katello 3.2 RC users, expect an EL6 Katello build to follow in the 
> next few days.
> Thanks,
> Eric
> [1]
> -- 
> Eric D. Helms
> Red Hat Engineering

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