On 18/10/16 04:26, Austin Smith wrote:
> Updating to the latest and greatest foreman - following the outstanding
> online documentation and received the following error (please note paste
> is with --trace option):
> |
> [root@%FOREMANSERVER-EDITED%~]# foreman-rake db:migrate --trace
> **Invokedb:migrate (first_time)
> **Invokeenvironment (first_time)
> **Executeenvironment
> **Invokedb:load_config (first_time)
> **Executedb:load_config
> **Executedb:migrate
> ==20150508124600CopyUnmanagedHostsToInterfaces:migrating ===================
> --MigratingUnmanagedHostinterfaces to standalone Interfaces
> --  ...migrating %DBSERVER-EDITED%
> rake aborted!
> StandardError:Anerror has occurred,all later migrations canceled:
> undefinedlocalvariable ormethod `ip6' for #<Nic::Managed:0x00000004e08a18>
> |

This is issue http://projects.theforeman.org/issues/15920. It might be
possible to run `foreman-rake db:migrate:up VERSION=20160415134454`
first before the main db:migrate run. (After restoring the DB from backup.)

Note that our upgrades are not supported over multiple versions, it's
strongly recommended to upgrade each version in turn and to follow each
set of upgrade notes.

Dominic Cleal

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