In my Foreman 13.2 / Puppet Server 2.6.0-1 setup, I was having some issues 
where smart variables not working properly in one of my modules. After a 
lot of code testing / troubleshooting, I wiped out all of my code under 
/etc/puppetlabs/code/environments/[production|development]/. *All of the 
Puppet environments are under code control via an external Git repo, just 
in case someone wondered...*

Next I went to Foreman to do Configure -> Environments -> Import from 

As expected it requested to remove all of the missing classes and I clicked 
the checkbox to have that proceed. 

When I went to Configure -> Classes and Configure -> Smart class 
parameters, I still see all of the classes even though none are assigned to 
any hosts.  

Is this the expected behavior?  I know when I first started playing with 
Foreman, if I removed a class, it was deleted from everywhere in Foreman.  

Since I am having the odd code issue, which is likely all a fat-finger 
somewhere in my syntax that I haven't found yet, I wanted to through this 
out to the group to see if this was related or not. 

Also is there some command I need to via CLI to have it do a good cleanup 
when I wipe out all of the puppet modules and refresh my Dev environment? 

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