Hello and thank you for the release. But after i did the update to the 
latest version, i can't see and access any repos anymore. I can see the 
product but no repos.

Am Mittwoch, 2. August 2017 17:51:15 UTC+2 schrieb Eric Helms:
> We are happy to announce the GA of Katello 3.4.4. This release contains a 
> large number of bug fixes for both small UI issues, user issues found while 
> using 3.4.4 and developer found issues that we felt would bring more 
> stability to users.
> The highlights are too numerous to outline here, so I would recommend to 
> please look at the changelog for a full list of changes:
> https://github.com/Katello/katello/blob/KATELLO-3.4/CHANGELOG.md  
> Installation:
> https://theforeman.org/plugins/katello/3.4/installation/index.html
> Upgrade:
> https://theforeman.org/plugins/katello/3.4/upgrade/index.html
> Bug reporting
> =============
> If you come across a bug in your testing, please file it and note the
> version of Katello or Foreman that you're using in the report.
> http://projects.theforeman.org/projects/katello/issues/new
> -- 
> Eric D. Helms
> Red Hat Engineering

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