> On Apr 15, 2018, at 11:19 PM, Yudhi Karunia Surtan <yudh...@apache.org> wrote:
> Do we have a plan to support ldap HA client?
> I think it is possible to extend
> "org.apache.directory.ldap.client.api.DefaultLdapConnectionFactory" and
> make some connection strategy similar like
> http://www.ldaptive.org/docs/guide/connections.html.
> What do you guys think about this?

Hi Yudhi, read the page, are you referring to the section 'Operation Retry’?

Another question, what do you consider HA?  I Remember the old netscape ldap 
api (as do others like python’s ldap3) allow the client to specify a server 
pool, which then enables the api to roundrobin, or some other protocol, to each 
server in attempt to find one that is active.

To me this server pool is ‘HA'.  But reading the doc, it seems this ldapative 
api (first I heard of this one) uses an approach where it will retry on certain 
attempts to allow a single server to recover.  Is this the behavior you’re 
looking for?

On a side-note, their doc referred to apache ldap api as ‘beta’ quality, i.e. 
not ready for production, which obviously is not right.

If we decide to proceed with this idea, we’ll need to post on the developer’s 
list to get the api guys on board.


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