Dear Jacob Bond, Dear Forum,

> I have constructed F1 wr A5, where F1 is the free group on 1 generator and A5 
> is embedded in S12, and have the projection map of the wreath product.

Did you use the generic “WreathProduct” constructor? This will create very 
general group objects, for which not many special methods exist. You might get 
better behavior if you construct the wreath product yourself as a finitely 
presented group.

> However, I would like to restrict the projection to a subgroup of the wreath 
> product given by two generators t0, t1.

What is this subgroup? (Does it have finite index?). To apply the homomorphism 
GAP needs to be able to decompose elements of the subgroup into a words in 
t0,t1 which could be difficult.

For initial experiments (just to see how objects get created)  it might be 
easier to replace F1 with a cyclic group of appropriate order and work in this 
finite image.


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