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The Steiner systems S(5,6,12),  S(5,8,24) and related block designs can be 
by the DESIGN package for GAP, using its function WittDesign, which is 
described in 
the DESIGN package documentation. In particular, 
WittDesign(24) returns the unique (up to isomorphism) Steiner system S(5,8,24)
(also called a 5-(24,8,1) design). The function does not, however, construct 
design from a Steiner system S(5,6,12).

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Subject: [GAP Forum] M24, M12

Is there an easy way to generate a Steiner system S(5,8,24) for the Mathieu 
Group M24, if a Steiner system S(5,6,12) for the Mathieu Group is known? PGH
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