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> I have a long list L of groups with finite presentations. I would like to 
> apply IsAbelian on L and Filtered all groups which are not Abelian. Through 
> the computations, IsAbelian could not treat an special group and so the 
> Filtered will not be terminated. I would like to know if there is a way to 
> define a third output for IsAbelian such as FAIL which means that it is tried 
> to test abelianness by a certain limit ( e.g. Time or number of cosets or 
> ...) but not succeeded.  If such thing exists I can apply this new IsAbelian 
> to the list L to obtain all groups which are not abelian or the old IsAbelian 
> fails to give a true or false. Then I can handle the filtered list by hand 
> since I guess the latter list should be short.
> The same question for IsSolvable and ....

This depends a bit on the groups in question, but `IsAbelian' etc. will by 
default calculate a faithful representation. If your groups are huge this will 
most likely fail every time.

What I would do as a first step is to look at quotient groups: Solvable 
Quotient, Action on cosets of Low Index subgroups and see whether rthese 
quotient groups already exclude the properties. This has (quotient 
size/subgroup index) easy parameters that will limit the initial calculations.
This should give you a good initial filtering of non-candidates.


  Alexander Hulpke

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